Sonja Maria Schobinger




 I am a photographer & artist based in Switzerland. Born into an artist family, I started experimenting with

 the photo camera and photographic processing in the lab from an early age. My work since childhood as a model

 for artists got me in the age of 13,  particularly interested in the power of self-expression. The camera became

 an intimate companion, mirror and self- timer accomplices in exploring the possibilities of self-portrait and has

 since given way to a strong interest in portrait photography, nature and documentary photography as means

 to capture essential aspects of being and to understand different facets of life and nature.



Curriculum Vitae


Since 1997       Art photographer with focus on nature,  photo journalist


2016                 Guest curator of the exhibition  “ White Lady – Black Lady “  Basel Africa Bibliography


2015 – 2016     Project member in the photo archive “ Ernst Rudolf und Anneliese Scherz “   Basel Africa Bibliography


1997                 Photographic studies at ZHDK, Zurich University of the Arts


1989-1993       Education in Graphic Design


1987-1988       Propädeutikum in Art ZHDK, Zurich University of the Arts